How to dress like Hank Moody

It may seem like we have some rather large man crushes with regards to Hank Moody and you’re probably right, but let’s face it, if you’re a guy and you watch Showtime’s Californication, then you probably do too.

But truth be told, Nic and I appreciate Hank’s (David Duchovy) simplistic style and general demeanor. Excessive drinking, smoking and of course, countless affairs with gorgeous women, what’s not to like about him? He’s a bit like a modern day Don Draper although lacking many a gentlemanly trait and suit styling of course.

So if you’ve watched the show before, you’ve no doubt noticed what he’s wearing most of the time (when he is actually wearing clothes). Heres a brief list of Hank Moody’s staple items in his wardrobe, or on his floor…

Plain black/navy blue t-shirt:

Hank Moody David Duchovny Navy Blue T shirt

Hank Moody in his navy blue tee

Plain-as-you-get straight cut jeans:

hank moody in jeans

Hank Moody straight cut jeans


Hank Moody Timberland Men's Mount Washington Chelsea Boot

Hank Moody Timberland Men’s Mount Washington Chelsea Boot

Ralph Libonati Co/Blundstone M Men’s BL1306 Winter Boot

Timberland Men’s Mt. Washington City Chelsea Boot

Leather jacket (from season 3):

Hank moody leather jacket

Hank moody rocking a leather jacket

Suede dinner jacket

Hank Moody suede jacket

Hank Moody suede dinner jacket

Hank Moody suede dinner jacket

Hank touting his suede dinner jacket

Of course, we have covered Hanks style before in the past, and although there are one or two new garments added in each season, the staple items never change: black or navy blue shirt, straight-cut jeans, boots and the occasional jacket. It’s an easy and cheap look to pull-off, but hard to master.


  1. emily

    Great post, we just found the thin black bracelets he wears on the show

    Thought we share as we did not see it posted here.

  2. Marco Antonio

    where i can buy the Hank Moody boots option 3 ?
    please write me

    • Garbis

      Try at Lee Cooper , I remember they were selling this kind of boots.

    • Spence

      Kohl’s sells boots like the ones Hank Moody wears. I believe they’re the Marc Anthony collection

    • BB

      Whr can I buy the option 3 boots?

  3. pete

    any idea what kind of wrist watch hank would wear?

  4. Pingback: Hank moody wristwatch

  5. Pedro

    Hank Moody wears sometimes Blundstone boots, sometimes Timberland torrance chelsea boots !

  6. stian

    where can i buy hank moodys suede dinner jacket????

  7. Simon

    Why not post the original boots Hank wears? Blundstone 500/510..

  8. moodyblues

    boots WRONG!!!
    they are timberland torrance oiled suede on blundstone (series 3)

    black t shirt or shirt (james perse or hause of howe)

    jeans earnest sewn fulton

    jacket..crushed velvet or suede dinner jacket blazer..

    research your subject peeps!!

  9. moodyblues

    *timberland torrance oiled suede
    blundstone 500 (series 3)

    research your subject….

  10. craig

    I’m also looking for option 3 if possible, what type of boot they are as well so i can search various prices on the internet.

  11. Helder

    Does anyone know where I can order that blazer he wares?

  12. john

    Perfect the Burroughs of the 21 century!

  13. dude

    where can i buy the leather jacket?

  14. justin

    Where can you get that Jacket from season 1, that he got off of the character bill?

  15. Cathy

    I googled Hank Moody’s style because even though I’m a straight woman, he is my fashion inspiration. I wish I could away with dressing the same every day: good jeans, plain black shirt and the occasional jacket, and wicked boots (in my case, lots of different Fluevogs. Yes I think I’m going to start.

  16. Cain

    We’re can I buy the suede dinner jacket?

  17. Matt

    You can’t find the boots anywhere I hate life

  18. Steve

    suede dinner jacket?

    OR corduroy jacket

  19. Wanting the black suede dinner jacket. Where can I find it?

  20. Joe V.

    You can buy the hank moody bundle pack all four bracelets from season 1 and season 2 at urbanwrist


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